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Ami serves as principal consultant and managing director for Ami Nahshon Strategic Consulting, working with nonprofits, foundations and their leaders to optimize organizational strategy and performance.

Reluctant Rolodex Syndrome

by Ami Nahshon How long has it been since you — or anybody you know, for that matter — used a Rolodex for anything other than to keep loose papers from sliding off the desk? And yet “Rolodex” continues to … Continue reading

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The Strategic Thinker-Leader

by Ami Nahshon  For those who read my recent piece titled “5 Reasons Why ‘Strategic Doing’ Beats Strategic Planning”, it will come as no surprise that I spend a fair amount of time thinking about, critiquing and doing strategy. Truth … Continue reading

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The Empowered Leader…or 5 Reasons Why ‘Strategic Doing’ Beats Strategic Planning

One of these days I’m going to sit down and write a treatise on why I believe strategic thinking and strategic leadership are more valuable than strategic planning — particularly, but not only, in a not-for-profit context. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Going Long: Building a Legacy of Family Philanthropy

Creating a legacy of shared family giving is one of the best available ways of preparing future generations for leadership roles in their communities, based on an understanding that inherited wealth is not only a means for personal gratification, but carries with it a responsibility for advancing the public good. Continue reading

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Confronting Our Neighbor’s Suffering…and Our Own Moral Failures

How could it be that, in this richest country at the richest time in human history, some 49 million Americans are hungry, including 33 million adults and 16 million children? In New York City alone, 1.4 million – disproportionately represented … Continue reading

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Mass Incarceration, Criminal Justice & Police Reform

Not long ago, a couple of months before Baltimore, I attended a public forum at the New School University’s Milano School of International Affairs and Urban Policy titled “Beyond the Rage: Strengthening Police-Community Relations”. The timing of course seemed particularly … Continue reading

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40 Reasons Why Our Jails Are Full of Black and Poor People — by Bill Quigley, Law Professor, Loyola University (published on HuffPost Black Voices, June 2, 2015)

While I would normally post other people’s work under the “Quick Hits/Links” section of my blog site, this new long-form piece by Loyola School of Law Professor Bill Quigley is so thoroughly documented and hyperlinked that I’m posting it in full … Continue reading

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Congratulations Donald Trump – You’ve Already Won

by Ami Nahshon Because, regardless of the final vote tally tonight and without having to spend even five minutes carrying the burdens of the presidency, you’ve already made your mark on America. And a dark stain it is. You’ve made … Continue reading

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American Political Decay or Renewal? by Francis Fukuyama

FOREIGN AFFAIRS MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2016 American Political Decay or Renewal? The Meaning of the 2016 Election By Francis Fukuyama Two years ago, I argued in these pages that America was suffering from political decay. The country’s constitutional system of … Continue reading

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Israel’s Self-Inflicted ‘Catch-22’

Obsessively following the Israeli media during this time of crisis, as is my habit and addiction, it’s truly painful to witness the deterioration of the Jewish-Arab discourse within Israel; yet another victim of the current violence and of the protracted … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is More Than “Not Funny” — Trump is a Dangerous Proto-Fascist

Kudos to Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi for, well, telling it almost like it is in his recent piece titled “Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny — Win or lose, Trump’s campaign threatens to unleash the Great American Stupid” (August 21, 2015). … Continue reading

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Postscript: Would Somebody Put Down Their AIPAC Talking Points for a Minute and Give Us an Achievable Alternative to the Iran Deal?

Since recently posing the question above, here and on my various social media pages, I’ve been accused of all manner of sins ranging from naivete to demagoguery; all for asking a seemingly straightforward question. What do you believe is a better … Continue reading

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Would Somebody Put Down Their AIPAC Talking Points for a Minute and Give Us an Achievable Alternative to the Iran Deal?

I’m very disappointed in #SenCharlesSchumer (D-NY) ‪#‎RepNitaLowey (D-NY), ‪#‎RepTedDeutch (D-FL) and ‪#‎RepSteveIsrael (D-NY) for announcing their intent to vote against the‪ #‎IranDeal, when no one — in the US or Israel — has yet to propose a better viable alternative.  Is one of you out there … Continue reading

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The Iran Letter I Would Write if I Were Still a Federation CEO

by Ami Nahshon [Published July 20, 2015 on the] As a lifelong Zionist and a former 19-year Jewish federation chief executive, I was dismayed by the decision of the Boston and Miami federations to encourage members to urge their congressional representatives … Continue reading

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Go, Bernie, Go!

As I wrote in the weeks before the last Israeli elections, running for office these days has devolved into a game of slogans over substance. The rules of the game are remarkably simple. Be all things to all people. Speak in the … Continue reading

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A Few Simple Questions for My Anti-Iran-Deal, Obama-Bashing Friends in the US and Israel

Just a few simple questions for my anti-‪#‎IranDeal‬, Obama-bashing friends in the US and Israel. 1) Do you understand that a military strike against Iran, setting aside its global game-changing consequences, would only set back Iran’s nuclear ambitions for a … Continue reading

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What the Upcoming Israeli Election May – or May Not – Be About

As the 2015 Israeli campaign reaches a last-minute fevered pitch, it might be worth briefly reflecting on what this election might be about. Here are a few possibilities. A referendum on Bibi Netanyahu. Throughout the sturm und drang of this campaign … Continue reading

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Postscript: Mr. Netanyahu Goes to Washington

Scarcely a week ago I argued here that by putting his political survival ahead of every other consideration, PM Netanyahu has indeed put the quality of the US-Israel relationship at risk. How I wish I would have been wrong, as some argued. … Continue reading

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Mr. Netanyahu Goes to Washington

Yes, I suppose that everything’s already been said or written about the impact of Netanyahu’s Washington invasion this week. But because a number of you have asked for my personal post-game assessment, here it is in a few sentences. Bibi … Continue reading

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A Salute to the Academy Award Rule-Breakers

It seems to have all started in 1973 when Marlon Brando boycotted the Academy Awards and in his place sent Native American civil rights activist Sacheen Littlefeather to decline the Best Actor Oscar for his role in the Godfather. Brando’s … Continue reading

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