ANSC Hi-Res Logo 27 April 2016

Ami Nahshon Strategic Consulting (ANSC) works with purpose-driven organizations and their leaders to ramp-up capacity for sustainability and growth.

ANSC helps its business, nonprofit and foundation clients re-imagine strategy, take advantage of untapped potential and move from doing good to doing best. Because doing good is no longer enough.

By placing one-on-one and team coaching at the center of each client engagement, ANSC emphasizes its commitment to actionable, practical, sustainable change. Teaching how to do rather than just what to do. Change directed at answering important organizational questions that, among others, often include:

  • How to strengthen capacity to grow revenue to support short- and long-term plans
  • How to build actionable, ongoing strategic thinking, planning and doing capacity
  • How to recruit, deploy and support an effective leadership and governance team
  • How to find and project an authentic organizational voice … and more.

ANSC engagements typically begin with an initial study phase aimed at eliciting the candid assessment of senior executives, board leaders and other stakeholders as to strengths, gaps, areas of untapped potential, and organizational needs. At the end of this brief study stage, ANSC presents a second-phase engagement plan built on one or more capacity-building modules specifically tailored to address the needs and priorities identified earlier.

Contact to begin a conversation about optimizing your organization’s performance. And visit our Facebook page for posts and articles of interest to the nonprofit and philanthropy field.

About Ami Nahshon

AN Headshot June 2015Ami serves as principal consultant and managing director of Ami Nahshon Strategic Consulting, offering a portfolio of customized consulting and coaching services to help domestic and international nonprofits, foundations, social businesses and their leaders optimize organizational mission, strategy and performance.

Prior to launching his consulting practice, he served for 12 years as International President and CEO of The Abraham Fund Initiatives where he built the organization into the leading advocate for a shared and inclusive Israeli society for Jews and Palestinian-Arabs alike.

CLICK HERE to read Ami’s full profile



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